Vicky Conway

Suzanne and Michael Sims

Lisa and Ronald Smyers

Sharon and James Jackson

Deborah and Billy Young

Gerald Villarrial

Donna and Bill Bratcher

Marlene and Terry Neill

Michael and Max Coombs

Robert and Shirley Landon

Jerry and Tresse McPherson

Patrick and Kendall Nowotny

Treva and Warren Hall

Carl and Ronda Kirk

Issam and Sonia Sawaya

Jesse and Anna Motes

Wanda and Kenneth Glaze

Eddy and Diane Hamilton

Keith and Cecily Kelly

Paul and Sandy Gately

Calvin McLean

Fred Dewald

Charlie & Kristi Pickens

Jimmy Meeks

Justin Draper

Peggilu and Douglas Woodward

Wanda and Kenneth Glaze

Esca Smith

Ronald Sullivan

Marcus Beaudin

Lori and Alan Johnston

Teresa and Edward Johnson

Gaybeth Robbins

Scott and Suzanne Patterson

Claire and Jason McDaniels

Karon and Robert Little

Herbet and Sharla Cox

Michael Jarrett

Adam Thyen

Jeffrey and Chrisann Fritscher

John Ellis

Kayla, Charla and Jimmy Upchurch

Amber Thompson

Kimmie Woodliff

Maria and James Cooper

Steve and Kelly Junot

Captain Don and Ann Speed

Forrest and Annalee Narmour

Tony Lenoir

Rhetta Pickens

Lucy and Larryy Witt

Dr. Kevin E. Stuart

Kandace and Calvin Smith

Mark Burdett

Debra and Michael Priest

Pamela and Narciso Vasquez

Jacqueline Fortenberry

Ronald and Mary Moody

Jeremy and Misti Lehman

Karl Fertsch

Ronald and Miller Woodard

Angela and Quenton Baccus

Traci Proctor

Patricia and Joe Propes

Robert Rochell

John Sparlin

Nannette and Mitchell Haber

Linda and Sidney Reasoner

Mollie and Jacky Lee

Andrew Carlson

Randel Adamson

Vincent Hladek

Mike and Carolee Washburn

Kenneth and Gwynn Meissner

Wayne and Margaret Smith

Dennis Myers

Wendy Draper

Phil and Jane Whitt

William Parrish

Deborah and Dan Holey

Shannon and Brent Eckley

Kathleen Oneil

Jan Graham

Amie and Kevin Kelley

Michael Zimmerman

Connie Johnson

Sarah, Ralph and Diana Lee

Ryan, Deborah and Rex Rogers

Michael and Rebecca Ellison

Ally, Jackson, Stephanie, Hannah and Thomas West

Roy Gonzales

Morgan and Janice Warren

Jennifer Kampermann

Donna and Tommy Pierson

Bernice Autrey

Jose Padilla

Pamela Wilson

Jory and Misty Booth

Janet and Lenny Patterson

John Speala

David and Jo Anne Norwood

W.H. and Sue Watson

Pat Curry

David Willie

Joe and Betsy Greak

Lanny Peavy

Christine Schroeder-Morren

Glenda and Daryl Tynes

Rudy Garza

Kariann Perry

Kappy Edwards

Elizabeth and Mark Beaird

Jeffrey Horton

Jeanette and Frank Cunningham

jenni Walker

Jackie Toby

Cecile Truitt

Evelyn Brock

Kent Garbett

Lawrence Hartgroves

Chad Fineske

Peggy and John Kechera

Jacqueline Williams

Gayla and James Smith

Peter Gillen

David Norman

Allen Bryant

Clint and Julie Wolfe

Brent and Deidra Lummus

C.C. and Carolyn Adams

Curtis and Deirdre Watson

Andy and Chris McSwain

Jimmy Saulters

Joe and Cristi Phipps

Richard and Barbara Grandy

Karen and Scotty Rogers

Roxanna and Jerry Ridings

David Garrett

Glenda Strum

Helen and Richard Maker

Sharon and Jesse Owen

Nancy Baird

Martha West

Deeann and Danny Avlos

Claudia Hoover

Louis Marks

Frances Good

Cynthia and James Lewis

Randolph Hacker

Jason Parker

Susan and David Swanson

Manuel Fernandez Palmer

Kathleen and Kenneth Hardy


David and Claudia McLatcher

Mike and Beth Mansfield

Carey Hobbds

John and Suzie McNelly

Pauline Underwood

Bob and Allana Angel

Mark Knapp

Vernon Davis

Dr. Tom Potts

Jerry Niles


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